Saturday, November 28, 2009

November GTUG Stockholm Meeting

My apologies for not having time to blog about this sooner (Hi Steph! :) but there you go. The 5/11

meeting was a bit shorter on attendance than what we were used to. It turned out quite that at the very same day, we had attendual interference from the week-long Öredev developer event, a local Java users group meeting and an open house day at The Royal Technical Highschool (IIRC), so we got somewhere between 40 and 50 people (of which only 30 or so registered - due to some people showing up a bit late, things happens).

The order of the day was yet another Wave demo with some focus on how a Wave bot works (I used the Wolfram Alpha source code), and a thorough 2-part talk by Jonas Burell on his upcoming open-source collaborative music-making Android application called Cntrllr.

Since I had two different speakers defaulted on their presentations for this meeting, I threw in a beta of my upcoming talk on dojox.gfx cross.browser 2D graphics.

As always there was a lot of great discussions over a broad range of subjects of beers and sandwiches in the pauses in between talks, and as always great and passionate people attending. Did I mention I like arranging these things? :)


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